dress rescue – what was I thinking!

What do you do with a complete fail? Have you ever rescued something like this?  The other day I whipped up a dress in an evening, Vogue 8805. Very clever I thought, I’ll wear it tomorrow, then I tried it on……………aah no.


Not all styles suit everyone. The dress looks great here on Debbie, for instance. How to rescue it ? All the component fabrics were lovely, white-on-white cotton, beige on white cotton and burgundy linen. All from Addicted to Fabric.

I cut the dress in half and re-shaped it into a pencil skirt. I added a facing at the waistband and put in a zip. I used this fab tutorial by Winnie. It’s the first time I’ve done a proper lapped zip. (I tried to comment Winnie but the post wouldn’t let me). I think it’s still pretty awful, makes me think of an apron, a nice apron but …. I can see some red linen table napkins coming up.

2014-03-11 17.51.19

2014-03-11 17.53.33

I’m thinking maybe the white can become an all-white top. Does anyone have any suggestions? I guess it’s all a learning experience about what suits me (and not). How do you go salvaging failures?


2 thoughts on “dress rescue – what was I thinking!

  1. Hello!! I’m glad you found the tutorial helpful! But what a shame about your dress! The fabrics are all stunning, but if you want another opinion about what you could do next ( if you’ve the energy) before making napkins….. I would consider swapping the red contrast for a different fabric- how does the cream / off white look as a border? And if you had enough to make a top to wear with it as well? Now I’ve no idea if it would look ok!! It’s always hard to see when you’re not there in person. Good luck!


    • hey Winnie, thanks for stopping by. I really found your tutorial so clear and easy. I also especially like tips from peoples mums because my mum taught me to sew. I like your idea, thanks, I’m not sure if I have enough of the white left for the top and the skirt, I’ll definitely check and try something like that. I dont want to waste my first proper lapped zip 🙂


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