Simplicity 1653, Joan dress for the Mad Men challenge

For the mad men challenge I wanted to make a dress in the style of Joan.




I used Simplicity 1653 which is a mock-wrap style. I thought a mock-wrap would avoid the problem of exposure I have with many wrap dresses but still have similar body-hugging features, so much a part of Joan’s glamorous frocks. It has a tie similar to the wrap/tie effect in the dress of Joan’s pictured.

I used and a wool (merino) modal knit from Addicted to Fabric . I haven’t sewn with a knit before. I did find a couple of great posts by Tilly and Gillian that are very informative. I found them a little too late for this dress, but they will be good for next time. I have more details on the dress step by step here.

I’ve learnt a lot sewing knit fabric for the first time. I’m keen to sew more. Knits will be great for making some wardrobe staples. A whole new world of sewing possibilities opens up, as if I needed more.

What have you learnt through the Mad Men challenge? Do you have a favorite Mad Men dress?

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone makes.


17 thoughts on “Simplicity 1653, Joan dress for the Mad Men challenge

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  6. Oh well done! Knitwear can be tricky, but your seams look flawless, no wrinkling! I was all keen to join the challenge, but I’ve had no luck getting the fabrics I want for the two choices I made. then I started to lose interest. But! You’ve piqued my excitement again, LOL. We’ll see if I actually come up with anything!


    • Thanks Sue. I did find it tricky, not sure I love knits but will persevere a bit more. I’m joining a few challenges mainly as a way to try to meet other bloggers. Thanks for stopping by.


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